Comware7: OSPF over IP Unnumbered Ethernet

This is a feature that seems to exist already for a while in Comware 7 (it works even in Simware, which is pretty old by now), but I just discovered it recently: IP unnumbered interfaces on Ethernet with OSPF point-to-point links. Continue reading

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Device LLDP PVID mismatch

Several access devices, such as APs and IP Phones, support LLDP and that is very convenient for discovery and troubleshooting. However, these devices may include the locally configured PVID (the untagged VLAN) in their outgoing LLDP frames. This may result in some warning log messages in the switch. Continue reading

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Comware7: Configuration commit delay

In the old days it was quite common to schedule a device reboot e.g. 5 min ahead when ‘tricky’ remote device changes had to be performed over an in-band connection such as SSH/telnet. In case the config changes provided the desired result, the reboot would be cancelled. When the changes would have resulted in a lost management connection, the reboot would have reverted the device state to the previous config (assuming no ‘save’ was done).

Comware 7 now has a similar feature but without the device reboot, so this is an online ‘swap’ of the configuration without the reboot delay. Continue reading

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ArubaOS-Switch 16.02: unsupported transceiver option

The 16.02 release for the ArubaOS-Switch (Provision) wired switches includes a welcome ‘new’ feature to enable the use of unsupported transceivers.

Continue reading

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ArubaOS-Switch 16.01 – Device profile for Aruba AP

When deploying a wireless network, the network admin still needs to configure the wired network switch ports for the Access Point connections.

The device profile feature in ArubaOS-Switch simplifies this action. Continue reading

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Comware supports HPE Smart SAN for 3PAR

When configuring a Fibre Channel storage environment, there are basically 2 parts in the configuration: Continue reading

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Aruba Certifications

I attended the Aruba Mobility Bootcamp and the Clearpass Essentials training in January.

Both courses (MBC and CPE) provide a solid overview and introduction of the Aruba Controller feature set and the Clearpass Policy Manager (RADIUS, TACACS, Guest, BYOD and NAC).

Continue reading

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Busy and interesting times!

It has been a while since new content has been posted, mainly due to time constraints/other priorities, but I’ll try to make it up in the next weeks! Continue reading

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HP VSR E0321 Release: IRF has arrived for NFV!

HP has released version E0321 for the Virtual Services Router (VSR) platform. This is a major new release, which includes some very cool new features, such as IRF for the virtual platform.

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HP Releases 6127XLG blade switch for HP Blade enclosure

HP has released the 6127XLG blade switch for the C7000 blade enclosure.


This Comware7 based switch is the big brother of the 6125XLG, so while the 6125XLG supported 10G server access, the 6127XLG includes support for the 20G server access ports. Continue reading

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Comware 7 autodeploy supports Python scripts

I recently discovered that the Comware auto-configuration feature also supports Python scripts. In the traditional auto configuration setup, a TFTP server and TFTP boot filename are used to deploy a (basic initial) configuration to the network devices.

Continue reading

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Simware 7.1.59 download available for all users

HP has released an updated version of the Comware simulator Simware, no license or registration is required to use this tool.

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U can’t touch this

Wouldn’t it be great to deploy network components without touching them 😎

A colleague of my named Joe Neville created nice solution from WAN routers in combination with HP IMC and BIMS.

He will make series of post around this subject. The write-up is written in clean and logic language and even includes a video.

The write-up can be found on:

Hope you’ll all like the solution and find it useful.

Regards, Dobias

Twitter: @networkingdvi

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Comware 7: QOS Queue Management Profile qmprofile enhancement

On the 5900 platform, any change in the interface queue configuration had to be configured at the interface level.

When a network administrator wants to use FCoE, the interface queue configuration is used by DCBX to configure the server CNA with the proper number of Queues and weights. If multiple servers need to be connected, each server-facing interface had to be configured. And even when interface range commands can be used, the actual interface configuration was getting more complicated due to the number of additional commands per interface.

With the R2416 release of Comware7, the concept of Queue Management Profiles has been introduced to simplify this configuration. This is similar to the way e.g. the existing 12500 series are doing the queue configuration.

Continue reading

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5900/5930 R2416 Released!

5900 and 5930 have now updated firmware: R2416. This is a major new release for both platforms.

Take a look at the release notes, since there are many enhancements for both platforms.



For the 5900, this release includes the new IRF3 system, which is referred to as Enhanced IRF. Continue reading

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