IMC Platform Web Interface Records

IMC Web interface provides several pages which list devices, users etc. These pages show 50 records by default, and the page can be changed to display a maximum of 200 records. This post shows how to modify the default and the maximum page records.

The problem : IMC supports a maximum of 200 records by default

In larger deployments, it might be required to show more than 200 devices or alarms, and it can be frustrating to update the default 50 to e.g. 200 over and over again.

The solution : Update the default and max record values

For these cases, it would be convenient to set the default to a larger value, or set the maximum to a larger value.

To update the values, open the file in the folder

\IMC folder\client\conf


In the file, update the following records to your needs, for example:

defaultMaxItems = 100
maxItemNumberForPage = 1000

Save the file and restart IMC.

After the restart of IMC, the new default and max records should be available on the Resource and Alarm screens:



Update 20/12/2014: Thanks to Lionel, he verified this is still working in IMC 7.1.

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