Simware7 experience

After working through several network topologies with Simware7, I found out that many features are supported, but some do not seem supported (or at least I did not manage to get them to work).

So this list is what I found is not working as expected, most of these are related to more advanced Layer2 functions:

* VPLS customer packet forwarding (LDP/BGP control protocol seems to work fine, VPLS Virtual Switch Instance (VSI) comes up, but no data gets forwarded).
* L2VPN customer packet forwarding (same status as VPLS)
* TRILL access ports packet forwarding (adjacencies and ISIS seem to work fine)
* PBB : configuration seems available, but no session setup between hosts
* 802.1x : EAP packets are interpreted and processed through Radius server, users come online, but the packet driver does not actually apply the authorized/unauthorized port state. This means that the port will always forward packets, whether 802.1x succeeded or not.
* MAC output : altough mac forwarding for a normal vlan seems to work just fine, all display mac-address commands show empty tables, so the display command may not be properly implemented.
* MAC authentication : mac-authentication does not seem to work at all.

This is list is just intended to help understand what works and does not work, so it can save you time in any tests you would be doing on Simware7.

I still find it a great tool to test and simulate all the other network features of Comware7 !

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