HP introduces VIP support for MASE engineers

HP has introduced VIP support for MASE certified network engineers.  A good reason to upgrade your certification level !

This is an extract from the email announcement I received:

HP ExpertOne is pleased to announce new Master ASE Certified VIP Support, a new benefit for our current Master ASE networking certified professionals. Effective immediately, you receive:

  • Personalized 24/7 hotline for all Master ASE certified engineers, with preferential access to an experienced HP engineer upon validation
  • Unique HP VIP service, with unlimited number of calls
  • Worldwide service provided in English

Service benefits include:

  • Exclusive, enhanced access to HP networking senior product and solutions engineers from HP support teams and product centers of excellence geared to better assist you with complex networking issues
  • 24 x7 preferential break/fix support response
  • Hotline number and PIN that identifies you as an HP ExpertOne Master ASE. Using this line and PIN prioritizes and routes your call quickly to experienced engineers, speeding the time to resolve your support needs for your customer or employer.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Must hold a current/active Master ASE certification
  2. Must be associated with a service call; Consulting is available through TS Consulting
  3. The number/PIN may not be shared with anyone. If you provide this number and PIN to anyone this benefit will be removed from your profile. No exceptions.
  4. Expectation in using this benefit is that the MASE engineer has done preliminary troubleshooting prior to requesting a service call
  5. HP ExpertOne reserves the right to remove this benefit from any Master ASE who abuses the enhanced services, or provides their PIN and hotline number information to an unauthorized person.


And a link to the FAQ of the program:

Click to access Master_ASE_support_hotline_FAQ.pdf




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