IMC E0202 eAPI: online documentation and testing

The latest version of IMC eAPI provides some nice online testing and documentation features for several of the eAPI functions.

The eAPI is available with the IMC Enterprise edition and as additional license for the standard edition.

In this post there is a short demo of using the eAPI online interface.First connect to the imcrs portal, using an IMC RS Admin (default admin has access rights)


This will show a list of functions which are available.



When you select one of the options, the different methods will be listed. In this case DELETE,GET,PUT for a specific group id, and GET and POST at the main object level.



When the method is selected, the details will be shown.

There will be a description of the response xml/json object and the properties.


When input variables are available, these can be entered in the input fields. At the bottom of the method, there is a “Try it Out” button, which will execute the request URL with the entered input parameters.


In the response body, the list of current groups is shown in xml or json format.

To define a new group, you would need the POST method. To define new objects, an xml or json body must be uploaded with the properties of the object.

In this case, a new user group will be defined, so the name property must be set.
The Data Type model describes the available fields.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>



After entering the sample XML code, you can test with the “Try it out”:20140426_163401_imc-E0202-eapi-000046

The eAPI will process the request and show the response result:



When you check in IMC interface, the new group will be listed:


This is a very nice improvement in my opinion. However, not all methods seem to be implemented/available in this online interface.

Let’s hope that HP will make the eAPI docs more easily available (IMC Platform eAPI docs are available for older IMC versions, but each of the modules, like UAM and WSM have their own eAPI call, for which separate documentation is required).


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