HP network scripting

Dear HP Network Community,

My name is Dobias van Ingen and I’m working within HP for almost 15 years. I’ve always been in networking and Unix / Linux infrastructures. Currently I’m leading an EMEA pre-sales overlay team with strong technical focus on HP Networking.  My comments, views and opinions are all my own and do not reflect those of my employer.

Multiple HP network devices provide support for API’s or scripting languages. Hereby a few examples:

  • Comware 7 provides support for Python and TCL
  • Comware 7 also provides support for NETCONF
  • IMC provides extensive eAPI support
  • HP VAN SDN controller provides API support

Next week in Barcelona on a technical HP event named ETSS I’m going to present and demonstrate above topics on a session named HPN Scripting. This session will provide technical details and examples on above mentioned topics. All the example scripts I created will be uploaded for distribution on this blog post. During the session I’ll also kick-off this blog as central collection point for these scripts.

When someone already has good scripts or idea’s related to these topics please let me know.

I hope we can all work towards a HP Network community to share these scripts and ideas.

You can follow or communicate with me via this blog post or following social media:

Twitter: @networkingdvi

Facebook: Dobias van Ingen

LinkedIn: Dobias van Ingen

Gmail: dobias.vaningen@gmail.com


Regards, Dobias van Ingen




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5 Responses to HP network scripting

  1. Lindsay Hill says:

    (tried posting before, didn’t seem to work)

    This sounds like a good idea for taking advantage of the capabilities that HP’s been putting into their code.

    I’ve been wondering about creating Ansible modules for Comware, that take advantage of the Python capabilities. Reckon we could do that?

    Probably also a good idea to put code on GitHub, or similar.

  2. dingen1 says:

    Hi Lindsay, Creating the Ansible modules definitely makes sense. I’ll have a look to create github section for the codes. Are you at ETSS next week? Regards, dobias

  3. PatrickGalbraith says:

    Hi all. I’ve been working on an ansible module for comware 5.2 that I’ll be publishing soon.

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