Always wanting to join new HPN Scripting GitHub community!!!!

Dear network community,

Last week HP had great ETSS event. As promised after my HPN Scripting session at ETSS I would launch the HPN-Scripting repository on GitHub ( All the example scripts from the presentation are uploaded and scripts I received from Thomas Kubica and Chuck Dilts. From the repository you can download all the scripts you want and use them for your need. It would be really great if we get community that starts to actively be part of the GitHub and add scripts. Think about following topics:
– HPN TCL scripts
– HPN Python scripts
– Scripts to use on HPN infrastructure
– IMC eAPI scripts
– HPN SDN controller scripts
– Etc.

If you want to join and add value to this repository and start adding your scripts please provide me your GitHub username and you’ll be added as contributor.

Let’s make great community!!!

Looking forward for all your inputs!

Regards, Dobias van Ingen

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2 Responses to Always wanting to join new HPN Scripting GitHub community!!!!

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  2. Jeff says:

    Found a nice YouTube guide page featuring HP switches.

    Thanks David Spears.

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