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Comware5: Send test SNMP traps and syslog messages

When configuring a network device to be managed by an NMS such as HP IMC, you may want to send some test syslog or snmp traps to verify the correct operation of your settings. You can generate traps/logs by triggering … Continue reading

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HP 6125XLG FCoE NPV mode white paper

The HP 6125XLG is a Comware 7 based blade interconnect switch which has full support for FCoE. I found this technical whitepaper with a sample FCoE NPV mode configuration, it is shown with uplinks to an existing Nexus 5500/6000 FCoE … Continue reading

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HP Unified Wireless: Whitepapers published by HP

The HP Unified Wireless manuals are quite extensive, but it can be challenging to get a complete picture of a certain feature. HP has now published a series of whitepapers covering specific use cases and technologies, they can be found … Continue reading

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HP Unified Wireless: Portal free user-url

On the Unified wireless solution, guest users can be authenticated through the captive web-portal feature of the portal server. The network admin could allow some guest traffic to pass without guest authentication to provide a “walled-garden” solution. This was already … Continue reading

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Comware link-aggregation: LACP edge-port

Comware has 2 types of link-aggregation: static link-aggregation: no control protocol is used, based on the configuration, the link-aggregation member interfaces will be actively participating (Selected) in the link-aggregation at the moment the interfaces come up. dynamic link-aggregation: LACP control … Continue reading

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