Unified Wireless console logging filtering

Once wireless is configured, the console of the Unified controller can get lots of messages about wlan events or portsec login failures. You can use the undo terminal monitor to get rid of all messages, or you can just disable specific category events.

This example disables the WMAC (associate/disassociate) and PORTSEC logging on the console (channel 0), all other events will still show:

info-center source WMAC channel 0 log state off trap state off
info-center source PORTSEC channel 0 log state off trap state off
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3 Responses to Unified Wireless console logging filtering

  1. Uli says:

    Thanks for that! I was told to use “undo info-center source WRRM channel monitor”, but that didn’t worked. And if you are trying to debug something it drives you crazy with log messages of about 800 APs…

  2. Jorge says:

    Hello Uli, I think you forgot to configure the channel number for apply this command, for configure logbuffer you need to set the channel number 4:

    0 channel’s name is console
    4 channel’s name is logbuffer
    2 channel’s name is loghost
    1 channel’s name is monitor
    5 channel’s name is snmpagent
    3 channel’s name is trapbuffer

    I Had the same issue, and I disabled the logbuffer, it´s works, but be careful of what logs that you will disable, you may lost visibility of your WIFI enviroment.

    • Uli says:

      Thanks a lot, Jorge. I’ll try this next time! If this only disables the logbuffer, the rest of the informations still goes to the IMC, but thanks for the warning.

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