Busy and interesting times!

It has been a while since new content has been posted, mainly due to time constraints/other priorities, but I’ll try to make it up in the next weeks!

Let’s start with a quick update of everything that has happened in the last year:

HP separation in HP Inc and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

So now Hewlett-Packard Enterprise is handling all the Server, Storage and Networking, so this is where all former HP Networking continues. Remember to change all bookmarks to hpe.com 🙂

Aruba Networks

HP (now HPE) and Aruba Networks combination results in an impressive mobility portfolio, which also means the end-of-life of MSM and Unified Wireless product families.

Both portfolios had their strengths and weaknesses, but I feel one has to admit that the Aruba solutions are really at a different level.

Campus switching

Aruba MAS (Mobility Access Switches) portfolio will be end-of-life, the Provision switch line (former Digital Networking/ProCurve/Provision/PVOS family) is now being re-branded as ArubaOS-Switch and replaces the MAS switches. This includes changes of the switch color (now dark grey/orange), so don’t be surprised when you see them 🙂

This product family is the primary focus for campus access networking (user connections), and a lot of work is being done to provide integration between the existing Aruba management solutions and the ArubaOS-Switch products.


The big re-branding change has been introduced with the K.16 release (or K/KA/etc) –  (K.16.01 was the first). This release is still the good old Provision OS, but it has received various enhancements with regards to the Aruba integration:

  • Aruba AP device profiles
  • Rogue device isolation of rogue devices reported by Aruba APs
  • Airwave Management Platform (AMP) integration
  • Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) for out-of-the-box discovery of the Airwave management server

This is just the initial “Aruba” branded release, so one can expect additional features of the Aruba MAS to be added to the upcoming releases. Looks like very nice enhancements and a good evolution of the existing platform.

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