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Getting ready for next-gen IRF !

HP Comware switches have had IRF (Intelligent Resilient Framework) for years, and it was the basis of more simplified network topologies. Now it seems HP is preparing a next-generation of IRF !

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HP Unified Wireless: R3507P22 includes Apple Bonjour gateway

HP has released firmware R3507P22 for the Unified wireless controller portfolio (830/850/870 appliance controllers and 20G module). Sample of the 870 controller: Several new features have been included, 2 interesting new features are: Support for vlan-pool at the AP-group configuration … Continue reading

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6125XLG console/aux port access for IRF renumber

For HP Blade enclosures, the 6125XLG can be used as a non-blocking 10G blade server access switch with 4x40G uplink ports. Since it is based on Comware 7 (very similar to the 5900AF model, but in a blade switch form … Continue reading

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HP Unified Wireless: AP Based (decentral) 802.1x authentication

This is a follow-up on the post which shows the basic 802.1x authentication. Make sure to read that post first before continuing with the this local authentication article: This post configuration will result in: Decentral (local AP) authentication: AP … Continue reading

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HP Unified Wireless: Central 802.1x configuration

This post is a sample configuration of an 802.1x WPA2/AES WLAN service on the HP Unified Wireless platform. This configuration assumes: Central authentication: AP forwards all 802.1x over the LWAPP tunnel to the Access Controller (AC). The AC is the … Continue reading

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HP Unified Wireless: Free access option on guest portal

This post covers a simple portal web interface customization, which will provide a “Free Access” option for guest users. Some organizations do not want to administer guest accounts, but simply want to display a legal disclaimer which should be accepted … Continue reading

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HP Unified Wireless: Guest central authentication with data local breakout

In this post a quick configuration overview of a new feature of the Unified controllers: Central (guest) portal authentication with local (AP) data breakout after passing authentication. This is very convenient for customers with remote sites, where the remote site … Continue reading

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HP Unified Wireless: Portal authentication for extended Layer2 guest subnet

This post covers the HP Unified Wireless controller (AC) portal configuration in a scenario of an extended L2 guest subnet configuration. There are 2 scenario’s to handle guest IP subnets: A new IP subnet, where the AC is the default … Continue reading

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Simware 7.1.50 – Define custom linecard

The default list of Simware7 7.1.50 linecards (boards for a chassis) does not include 10G ports. This post covers the steps in case you want to add a custom linecard with 10G interfaces.

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Simware 7.1.50 – External Aux Port access

Simware7 7.1.50 is using Virtualbox as the virtualization platform for the routers and switches. An inconvenience is the fact that the local console access has fixed screen size and no copy/paste is available. So how can we still use an … Continue reading

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HP Comware Simulator 7.1.50 released for public !

UPDATE 12/08/2015: Simware 7.1.59 has been released, see:   Great news from the Simware side: the latest version of the Comware simulator Simware (Release 7.1.50) has been released and it is available as a public download. So no more … Continue reading

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HP IMC eAPI: deploying CLI commands part 1

The HP IMC eAPI can now also be used to directly deploy CLI commands to devices supported by the ICC (Intelligent Configuration Center). The ICC is already very powerful due to its vendor independent approach using device adapters (ICC can … Continue reading

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IMC E0202 eAPI: online documentation and testing

The latest version of IMC eAPI provides some nice online testing and documentation features for several of the eAPI functions. The eAPI is available with the IMC Enterprise edition and as additional license for the standard edition. In this post … Continue reading

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IMC Operator authentication with LDAP over SSL

IMC operators can be authenticated by an external authentication server (RADIUS or LDAP). In combination with an Active Directory, the LDAP method is easy, since it does not require a RADIUS server or any RADIUS server configuration. While LDAP is … Continue reading

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MSM Password reset through console

Using the console connection of the MSM controllers, you can easily reset the password back to the factory default admin/admin.

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