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Comware 7 autodeploy supports Python scripts

I recently discovered that the Comware auto-configuration feature also supports Python scripts. In the traditional auto configuration setup, a TFTP server and TFTP boot filename are used to deploy a (basic initial) configuration to the network devices.

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HP Networking and Cisco CLI Reference Guide

New to HP Networking products? Know Cisco IOS CLI and now work with HPN products? Or know Comware (from previous 3Com/H3C days) and now also work with HPN ProVision products? Or know HPN ProVision and now work with Comware? And … Continue reading

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HP IMC eAPI: deploying CLI commands part 1

The HP IMC eAPI can now also be used to directly deploy CLI commands to devices supported by the ICC (Intelligent Configuration Center). The ICC is already very powerful due to its vendor independent approach using device adapters (ICC can … Continue reading

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