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Getting ready for next-gen IRF !

HP Comware switches have had IRF (Intelligent Resilient Framework) for years, and it was the basis of more simplified network topologies. Now it seems HP is preparing a next-generation of IRF !

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Simware 7.1.50 – Define custom linecard

The default list of Simware7 7.1.50 linecards (boards for a chassis) does not include 10G ports. This post covers the steps in case you want to add a custom linecard with 10G interfaces.

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Simware 7.1.50 – External Aux Port access

Simware7 7.1.50 is using Virtualbox as the virtualization platform for the routers and switches. An inconvenience is the fact that the local console access has fixed screen size and no copy/paste is available. So how can we still use an … Continue reading

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HP Comware Simulator 7.1.50 released for public !

UPDATE 12/08/2015: Simware 7.1.59 has been released, see: https://abouthpnetworking.com/2015/08/12/simware-7-1-59-download-available-for-all-users/   Great news from the Simware side: the latest version of the Comware simulator Simware (Release 7.1.50) has been released and it is available as a public download. So no more … Continue reading

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RBAC : Protecting the BFD MAD Vlan

I received a call from a customer asking if it was possible to lock a comware configuration, or better : lock the configuration on an interface. What happened ? Well, nothing bad, since the test was done in a lab … Continue reading

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Comware7 Radius based RBAC user-role assignment

In this post a quick overview of a sample Radius server configuration for admin authentication on Comware7 devices.

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Combining FCoE SAN A/B and IRF with BridgeAggregation

FCoE and BridgeAggregation Storage networks have a traditional setup of SAN A/B, which are totally separated, by a so called “air-gap”. When using FCoE, this airgap is nearly impossible to maintain (unless only storage would be passing the CNA adapter) … Continue reading

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HP releases the 5900CP: Native FC and FCOE Gateway

5900CP: a 5900 with Converged Ports It took some time, but here it is : the 5900CP, a converged FC/FCoE datacenter switch.

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Comware7 IRF MAD LACP : New selection method !

Most people working with IRF will be aware of the MAD (Multiple Active (Master) Detection) process. In this article we will review the operation of MAD LACP on Comware5 and the changes in the implementation for Comware7 devices.

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Comware Portal Redirect for BYOD use

With the HP UAM BYOD Module, any new device will need to be onboarded (registered) to the network. This onboarding process may include 1 or more steps: Link the device to a User account : Requires access to BYOD Portal … Continue reading

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HP VSR Update 7.10 E0102 now supports Python

HP has released an update of the VSR (Virtual Service Router) firmware. The update can be downloaded here: https://h10145.www1.hp.com/downloads/SoftwareReleases.aspx?ProductNumber=JG811AAE&lang=&cc=&prodSeriesId= Although release notes state it is just a maintenance release (after 0101), so no new features have been released, I realized … Continue reading

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Simware7 Remote Management Access

With Simware7, multiple virtual Comware7 devices can be interconnected to perform lab setups and tests. Simware7 runs inside a QEMU virtual machine (Comware7 is based on a Linux kernel so it can run on x86 platforms), the Simware configuration utility … Continue reading

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Simware7 experience

After working through several network topologies with Simware7, I found out that many features are supported, but some do not seem supported (or at least I did not manage to get them to work).

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Comware 7 Simulator released for HP Partners

HP has just released the Comware 7 simulator for HP Partners.

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