VXWise webinars and online workshops

In the past several requests were made to provide some overview sessions about various technologies and configurations.

So we decided to prepare some paid online sessions and workshops about various technologies related to HPE Networking and Aruba Networks. These webinars are delivered through VXWise, an entity that has been setup for the development and delivery of the workshops and webinars. Note that these are not official HPE sessions, they are the result of our experience with the products and technologies.

Current schedule

Click on the session titles to see the details. Times have been spread out to cover different regions and timezones.

ArubaOS-Switch with Clearpass captive portal

HPE Comware IRF Essentials

HPE Comware IRF Split-brain detection with MAD

In the pipeline!

This is a list of webinars “under development/review”, let us know your interest:

ArubaOS-Switch Mobility integration
ArubaOS-Switch Zero Touch deployment with Airwave
ArubaOS-Switch VSF stacking
HPE Comware IRF In-Service Software Update (ISSU)
HPE IMC Alarm Management
HPE IMC Performance Management

Let us know any feedback or comments on training@vxwise.com !