HP Networking and Cisco CLI Reference Guide

New to HP Networking products? Know Cisco IOS CLI and now work with HPN products? Or know Comware (from previous 3Com/H3C days) and now also work with HPN ProVision products? Or know HPN ProVision and now work with Comware? And more than anything, you just want a reference that shows you how to translate what you know in one of these CLI’s into the “new” CLI you’re trying to learn??? Well, the HP Networking and Cisco CLI Reference Guide is the book for you.

CLI Reference Guide

The HP Networking and Cisco CLI Reference Guide is available for free as a pdf via HP Press, all you need is an account (signup is free) on the http://www.hppress.com website, do a simple search on “cli guide”, select the HP Networking and Cisco CLI Reference Guide – Version 2 book and “purchase it”…it’s that simple. There is also a print version (not free) available for purchase.

This is the direct URL:


The CLI Guide layout is in 2 formats: for each feature/function, there is a side-by-side table that shows (where possible) the required commands….if there is not a matching command, then the required command is still listed. Below the side-by-side table is a more detailed listing of the possible combinations of the commands for each platform.

The CLI Guide does not cover all features and possible combinations of capabilities, but most of the Layer 2 and 3 basics are covered, plus a few other technologies.

Although the CLI Guide is now almost 2 years old, it is still relevant even if some of the commands and/or options have changed…it provides a good starting point in translating what you know in one CLI to another.

I have even referenced this CLI Guide to folks coming from other infrastructure devices needing to learn ProVision or Comware.


Here are a few sample screen shots from the CLI Guide:

Terminology Differences

Terminology Differences



Configuration Access

Configuration Access

Happy networking 🙂

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Jeff Carrell is Network Consultant at Network Conversions. He is a frequent industry speaker, freelance writer, IPv6 Forum Certified Trainer, network instructor, and course developer to major networking manufacturers. He is also the technical lead and co-author for the book, Guide to TCP/IP 4th Edition, and co-author and lead technical editor on Fundamentals of Communications and Networking, Second Edition. Jeff focuses on IPv6 interoperability, a topic that he covers in lectures and IPv6 hands-on labs at technical conferences worldwide. As an IPv6 Forum Certified IPv6 Trainer, Jeff offers IPv6 Forum Silver and Gold Certified courses. He also provides customized IPv6 training courses and serves as an instructor for the HP Education Services IPv6 Foundations and the Nephos6 IPv6 Foundations course. Jeff is a featured IPv6 instructor for the gogoNET online community, offering webinars and online workshops via the gogoTRAINING initiative. He has also been an "Ask the Wireshark Expert Workshop" facilitator for Riverbed. Jeff has been involved in the computer industry for 35 years and has concentrated his endeavors in the internetworking portion of the industry for more than 28 of those.
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