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HP VSR E0321 Release: IRF has arrived for NFV!

HP has released version E0321 for the Virtual Services Router (VSR) platform. This is a major new release, which includes some very cool new features, such as IRF for the virtual platform.

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Comware 7 autodeploy supports Python scripts

I recently discovered that the Comware auto-configuration feature also supports Python scripts. In the traditional auto configuration setup, a TFTP server and TFTP boot filename are used to deploy a (basic initial) configuration to the network devices.

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Comware7 Radius based RBAC user-role assignment

In this post a quick overview of a sample Radius server configuration for admin authentication on Comware7 devices.

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HP VSR Update 7.10 E0102 now supports Python

HP has released an update of the VSR (Virtual Service Router) firmware. The update can be downloaded here: https://h10145.www1.hp.com/downloads/SoftwareReleases.aspx?ProductNumber=JG811AAE&lang=&cc=&prodSeriesId= Although release notes state it is just a maintenance release (after 0101), so no new features have been released, I realized … Continue reading

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