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HP VSR E0321 Release: IRF has arrived for NFV!

HP has released version E0321 for the Virtual Services Router (VSR) platform. This is a major new release, which includes some very cool new features, such as IRF for the virtual platform.

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HP Releases 6127XLG blade switch for HP Blade enclosure

HP has released the 6127XLG blade switch for the C7000 blade enclosure. This Comware7 based switch is the big brother of the 6125XLG, so while the 6125XLG supported 10G server access, the 6127XLG includes support for the 20G server access … Continue reading

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5900/5930 R2416 Released!

5900 and 5930 have now updated firmware: R2416. This is a major new release for both platforms. Take a look at the release notes, since there are many enhancements for both platforms. 5900: https://h10145.www1.hp.com/downloads/SoftwareReleases.aspx?ProductNumber=JC772A&lang=&cc=&prodSeriesId= 5930: https://h10145.www1.hp.com/downloads/SoftwareReleases.aspx?ProductNumber=JG726A&lang=&cc=&prodSeriesId= For the 5900, this … Continue reading

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Provision support for IRF MAD LACP Split brain detection

When you use IRF to group multiple Comware switches into 1 logical device, it is generally recommended to enable some split brain detection (split brain happens when all the stacking links are down). For the MAD LACP method, only Comware … Continue reading

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Comware IRF: L2 MAC Address roaming

IRF is used on Comware switches (and some routers as well now) to virtualize 2 or more devices as 1 virtual device. This is a very convenient way to simplify the network setup and management. Although IRF is very easy … Continue reading

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Getting ready for next-gen IRF !

HP Comware switches have had IRF (Intelligent Resilient Framework) for years, and it was the basis of more simplified network topologies. Now it seems HP is preparing a next-generation of IRF !

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Comware5 ISSU: Compatible

In the previous post we have seen the overview of ISSU types. https://abouthpnetworking.com/2014/03/24/comware5-issu-basics/ In this article, we will look at the detailed steps of the Compatible ISSU.

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Comware5 ISSU: Basics

In this article we will review the ISSU options on Comware5 devices. ISSU stands for In Service Software Update and the goal is to minimize downtime during firmware updates. This article applies only to Comware5 devices (Comware7 has many more … Continue reading

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HP releases the 5900CP: Native FC and FCOE Gateway

5900CP: a 5900 with Converged Ports It took some time, but here it is : the 5900CP, a converged FC/FCoE datacenter switch.

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Comware7 IRF MAD LACP : New selection method !

Most people working with IRF will be aware of the MAD (Multiple Active (Master) Detection) process. In this article we will review the operation of MAD LACP on Comware5 and the changes in the implementation for Comware7 devices.

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