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Comware config autodeploy

On Comware devices, it is possible to perform device auto configuration. This means that a factory default device will look for a configuration file on the network and will try to execute it.

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When deploying IMC UAM Radius server, the installation will probably integrate with the Active Directory at the customer through the LDAP protocol. IMC UAM will use LDAP to synchronize user objects, so the IMC UAM Administrator can apply specific network … Continue reading

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IMC UAM LDAP Sync and Active Directory MaxPageSize

I recently configured IMC UAM with LDAP synchronization at a customer. Some of the users would be allowed access to specific Wireless networks, others would not get access.

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IMC Platform Web Interface Records

IMC Web interface provides several pages which list devices, users etc. These pages show 50 records by default, and the page can be changed to display a maximum of 200 records. This post shows how to modify the default and … Continue reading

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Simware7 experience

After working through several network topologies with Simware7, I found out that many features are supported, but some do not seem supported (or at least I did not manage to get them to work).

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IMC SQL Express sa password

When installing IMC with the Microsoft SQL Express version, the installer will set the sa password automatically. If you need to connect through some SQL Admin tools or want to uninstall/reinstall without removing the SQL engine, you can use the … Continue reading

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Comware 7 Simulator released for HP Partners

HP has just released the Comware 7 simulator for HP Partners.

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