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Change switch branding from H3C to HP

If you still have some original H3C branded switches in your network, it is possible to re-brand them to HP, so they will be recognized as the HP counter-part of the H3C model. To change the brand, use the brand … Continue reading

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Comware7: MAD BFD support on Management Ethernet port

Multiple-Active Detection (MAD) is used to detect a split brain in an IRF system. When the MAD BFD method is used, a dedicated Layer3 VLAN interface needs to be configured for the MAD BFD operation. This VLAN should be directly … Continue reading

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Comware7: Routed port ACL packet-filter applies to switched traffic

There is a tricky “new” behavior in Comware7 Layer3 VLAN ACL processing: the applied ACL does not only filter the inter-vlan routed traffic (as would be expected), but it is applied to intra-vlan switched traffic as well by default. This … Continue reading

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