HP Releases 6127XLG blade switch for HP Blade enclosure

HP has released the 6127XLG blade switch for the C7000 blade enclosure.


This Comware7 based switch is the big brother of the 6125XLG, so while the 6125XLG supported 10G server access, the 6127XLG includes support for the 20G server access ports.

Blade and Physical switches

When comparing the blade switches with the physical counter parts, the 6125XLG could be compared with the 5900AF and its feature set, while the 6127XLG seems to be in line with the 5930 feature set.

This seems to be confirmed by the product configuration guides, where all features of the 5930 seem to be available on the 6127XLG as well.


Next to the ‘standard’ feature set of Comware7 datacenter devices (TRILL, SPBM, MPLS, OpenFlow etc), the following features are worth giving a special mention. Some of them are not really new, since they are also available on the 5930 already.

20G links to Blade servers

Like the current Virtual Connect systems, 20G links to servers are available here (server link can be 10G or 20G, depending on the installed NIC). Just like many 40G links are built by stacking 4x10G lanes, the 20G seems to be using the same principle, but using 2x10G lanes (so half a 40G port).


Integration of VXLAN Layer2 Gateway services with other VTEPs using the OVSDB control interface, which supports integration with e.g. VMWare NSX.

VXLAN DCI – Data Center Interconnect

While EVI (Ethernet Virtual Interconnect) is the original Data Center Interconnect protocol (now not only available on 12500/12900/7900 but also on MSR and VSR platforms!), VXLAN is making its debut as DC interconnect protocol as well.

HP basically took the EVI control plane (IS-IS) and architecture (control-plane  based MAC learning) and replaced the GRE dataplane with VXLAN.

When this technology would come to other devices which support VXLAN, it means deployments will be able to use devices of different scale for the DCI, depending on the expected DC scale.


Full support for FCOE (Fibre Channel Forwarder (FCF), NPort Virtualizer (NPV) or FIP Snooping mode (Transit)), including FCOE support on the 40G uplinks.

OOB Management

Console management can be done through the Blade Enclosure Onboard Administrator (OA) or through the physical console port on the switch.

External links

Product web page:


Blog article on HP site:


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