Comware7: Routed port ACL packet-filter applies to switched traffic

There is a tricky “new” behavior in Comware7 Layer3 VLAN ACL processing: the applied ACL does not only filter the inter-vlan routed traffic (as would be expected), but it is applied to intra-vlan switched traffic as well by default. This behavior can now be controlled, so the admin can revert it to the “expected” behavior:

On the routed context, e.g. the Vlan Interface, there is now an option to control whether the admin wants the ACL to be applied to routed traffic only or routed+switched traffic.

 # Enter Layer3 Vlan Interface
[HP] interface vlan 10

 # Apply some advanced ACL on the interface
[HP-Vlan-interface10] packet-filter 3001 inbound

 # Configure packet filter for routed traffic only
[HP-Vlan-interface10] packet-filter filter route

 # Packet filter for routed+switched traffic in the vlan
 # WARNING: this is the default !
[HP-Vlan-interface10] packet-filter filter all


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7 Responses to Comware7: Routed port ACL packet-filter applies to switched traffic

  1. Davy Priem says:

    This is not a comware 7-only ‘feature’. In recent comware 5 versions (eg 5820 R1809P02) this also applies!

  2. Davy Priem says:

    The filter option is available as well.
    packet-filter filter [ route | all ]

    • David Murillo says:

      Is this option for comware 5? I don’t see it:

      [H3C-Vlan-interfaceXX]packet-filter ?
      INTEGER Apply basic acl
      INTEGER Apply advanced acl
      INTEGER Apply ethernet frame header acl
      INTEGER Number of user-defined acl
      ipv6 IPv6 ACL
      name Specify a named acl

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  4. Monty says:

    Oh man I have been putting my head through a wall on this issue for the last 2 weeks. I would really like to thank the Developers for changing basic behaviors.

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